Welcome to the end of your IT dilemmas

Colton Computer Technologies have been around long enough to know what works and what deserves to be set on fire in the IT industry. Yet we haven't had time to stagnate and become bitter, twisted individuals. If you've been promised IT solutions and only received IT screw-ups, then we're the guys for you.

If you'd like to hear the subtle, candy-coated mission statement and the all-too-familiar rant about how good we are, you can read it on the about us page. However, if you're still reading, we figure that you've probably heard it all before and you'd rather see results than empty written promises. Call us immediately on 02 6361 1116 to make the pain stop.

IT Sorted. Always.

In all our businesses we rely on our staff, tools and skills to get the job done right and on time, we often have backup plans or alternate ways of performing tasks when the first 3 ways don’t work, why is it then that when computers break (not if but when) it brings many businesses to their knees?

Is it because we don’t rely on our computer until it's broken or the internet has disappeared?

A Client once said to me "Internet and Email are not so critical we can survive a day without them, in fact we will probably get more done ” … that was until their Internet connection failed on a Tender Friday. Needless to say we Installed a Black Box with an aerial and a sim card so they could submit their tender on time, and next time the internet broke, it didn’t for them.

Here at CCT we believe in Logical, Robust, and Redundant IT. Whatever your industry, or size we have IT sorted for your Business.

Don't take our word for it

“Operating MYOB with multi-users was a slow, frustrating task. We consulted with various IT people and all they wanted to do was update existing equipment, which we did to no avail and a lot of expense.

By recommendation I contacted Mitch from CCT and advised him of our problems. Mitch came to site and explained in simple language how he could solve all of our IT issues by installing a terminal server and cleaning up the network. All costs were advised up front so there were no surprises.

We proceeded with Mitch’s recommendation and have not looked back. It is fantastic having access to CCT remotely as any small IT issues can be handled same day or overnight. I would highly recommend Colton Computer Technologies to assist with any IT issues.”

- Debby Buckley, Administrator, Parkes Hydraulic Services. Read more testimonials.


An IT system is only as good as it's weakest component. Colton Computer Technolgies only ever use tried and trusted products and software as using anything less would make us look like incompetent fools.


Sometimes all you need is an overhaul. We can repair and maintain your current systems and equipment. If it's beyond saving, we may just put it down. Humanely of course... unless you request otherwise.


Remember after sales support? How about talking to a carbon based lifeform on the phone? While we may be magicians at fixing problems, we won't be pulling any disappearing acts.