Best Practices Value Map

Develop value and productivity from your tech investments

Colton Computer Technologies’ clients are able to derive 4x more value and productivity from their technology investments by following our proven IT strategy. One component of that strategy is our best practices value map which defines ‘supported’ and ‘approved’ technologies. The value map provides clarity between CCT and our clients to ensure that we mutually understand the investments that will help deliver on better integration, increased staff productivity, more timely support, and optimal security.

We partner with you to deliver The best IT experience, and we both have roles and responsibilities to deliver on that promise.

The below Best Practices Value Map outlines parts of the partnership and expectations for client investments into their technology.

While there are thousands of variables that enable network technology to work effectively, there are some basic guidelines that can mitigate against known issues, enable employee productivity, and ensure a faster return to production in the event of an outage.

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Best Practice Value Map - Colton Computers Orange Bathurst NSW

Software & Applications

Internet & Telephony

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