Business continuity

Business continuity is a big deal. What would you do in case of emergency? To help you understand the risks and make your organisation as resilient and adaptable as possible in the current times, we are sharing some tips on how to emergency-proof your business, based on our real-world experience.

What is Business Continuity?

In simple terms, it is your ability to keep doing business if something goes wrong, like a fire, flood, internet outage, data breach, cash flow shortage or unexpected pandemic.

Here’s how we can help

In simple terms, it is your ability to keep doing business if something goes wrong, like a fire, flood, internet outage, data breach, cash flow shortage or unexpected pandemic.

  • Business continuity planning and management
  • Active server backup and monitoring
  • Spam filtering
  • 12 x 5 business critical support
  • Managed backup services, loan hardware and private cloud to get you back up and running quickly in the event of an emergency
  • Loan internet services and pbxes
  • Data centre co-location
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • EOL planning
  • Off-site backups


Need a helping hand?

Are you worried about:

a) A lack of plan to upgrade infrastructure?
b) Lax cyber-security protocols?
c) Zero electronic records or backups of business information?
d) Poor planning for business efficiency?
e) All of the above?

Over the coming weeks, we will help Wattle (and you) put together a Business Continuity Plan that will help them overcome their business woes.

Introducing the Wattle team: a tale of what NOT to do

To help bring the risks to life, we introduce the entirely fictional Wattle Business Services.

Business Owner Brad built the business from the ground up in the last seven years. WBS services local businesses in the community with financial planning, accounting and business management services.

The business struggles with due process and best practice. They don’t currently have a plan to modernise their aging infrastructure and guard against cyberattacks.

There is a little bit of Wattle in all of us – what Wattle story will resonate with your business?

Meet the team

Business Owner Brad
WBS is owned and managed by business owner Brad. Brad is in his mid 40’s and used to work in the big smoke for one of those international chains before making the sea-change to the more rural lifestyle. He’s built the business from the ground up, just adding people and equipment when needed.

Office Manager Maggie
Brad wouldn’t be able to survive without his Office Manager Maggie. Maggie has been with Brad for over five years and ensures everything runs smoothly. She manages his diary and the wider team, but she also is responsible for IT management in terms of telephony, internet and making sure the printer never runs out of paper and toner.

Financial Controller Frank
Frank is your typical bean counter and is driven by keeping the costs low and the profit margins high. He’ll generally plump for the cheapest solution based on the numbers, rather than the benefits and efficiencies to the business.

IT Guy Isaac
IT Guy Isaac is young and tech savvy. He has been with Wattle for 6 months and can see an aging infrastructure, lax cyber-security protocols and is already banging heads with Frank over the upgrades that need to be made to the network.

Millenial Receptionist Melissa
Melissa is the receptionist for Wattle and manages all appointments for all the business consultants. She can’t understand why she can’t manage everything from her iPhone and still has to write the appointments in the book at the desk. As a millennial, she’s grown up in the world of text and email instead of talk.

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