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Nearly 50% of businesses have reported experiencing a security attack.

Cyber-security is one of the fastest-changing dimensions of any IT strategy. In Australia since the introduction of the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme, on average 60% of reported breaches are due to malicious or criminal behaviour. Reducing the risk of an external threat is generally the easiest part of your strategy.

When building your cyber-security strategy, there are other considerations apart from straight hardware and software solutions. Human behaviour is, by nature, fallible and often the weakest part of any security strategy. Business continuity planning, in the event of an incident, covers how the business recovers and continues to operate.

Security services from Colton Computer Technologies

CCT looks at your cyber-security posture from end to end, taking into account all the touchpoints, human or machine, in and outside your network.

Alongside our cyber-security strategy and implementation services we also offer:

  • Penetration testing
  • Exposure resolution services
  • Employee cyber-security awareness training

Talk to us today about ensuring that your business, devices, and data are secure.

We’ve also created a quick and easy resource to help you generate a Data Breach Response plan for your organisation here.

Source: 2019 Telstra Security Report:

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