7 point security check

What’s the 7 point security check?

We’ll work with you to cover the basics of your network and security perimeter. Once we’ve done the check, you’ll get a baseline report of your cyber-security health. That enables us to have a chat about what the next steps look like, and where your biggest weaknesses and risks sit.

Permissions Review

You’ve heard the saying a little bit of power can be dangerous? This also applies to your users (and administrators) permissions. We take a look at who’s got access to what across services such as:

  • Active Directory
  • Azure
  • File Share
  • Line of business systems, such as Xero (if supported)
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Backups and Disaster Recovery

Everyone does backups. But just doing the backup isn’t enough unfortunately. We ask the tough questions.

  • How secure are the backups? What protection levels are set?
  • Do you know how long it would take to get your business back up and running in the event of a disaster or a cyber security breach?
  • How much data would you lose? Have you defined your recovery point?
  • Can you recover data from accidental or deliberate deletion?

Antivirus and patch status

Everybody has antivirus these days, but much like having a backup, it’s not enough.

  • What permissions and exclusion rules are set?
  • Are patches and applications up to date?


Such an ingrained part of business, however email is one of the biggest open doors for cyber-security issues.

  • Spam / Junk filtering and rules
  • Domain setup & email authentication

    • Can your business be impersonated easily?
    • Can phishy emails get through?

Shared accounts and PC locking

An uncomfortable truth is that most of us walk away from our computers without locking the device and don’t give it a second thought. Do you have shared accounts access?

  • What automatic locking policies are in place?
  • What permission levels are associated with shared accounts?


Sometimes the simplest thing is making sure configurations and patches are up to date. We check that your firewall is doing what it’s meant to do.

Website / DNS

Websites aren’t the set and forget systems that people think they are. Like any piece of software, they get updates and patches regularly.

  • What’s your website platform setup?
  • What documentation supports your DNS management?


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