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Business IT has been our main focus since the business began and as the industry develops, our team adapts with training and experience. We offer products, repairs and support to some of the regions largest businesses and those smaller expanding businesses.

Services Offered


An IT system is only as good as its weakest component. Colton Computer Technologies only use tried and trusted products and software as we accept nothing less than the best.


We don’t just fix it when it breaks. We make IT work for your business. Sometimes all you need is an overhaul. We can repair and maintain your current systems and equipment. If it's beyond saving, we may just put it down. Humanely of course!


We believe in logical and robust IT. Whatever your industry, or size of your business, we have your IT needs.

Remember after-sales support? It isn’t a distant memory when we’re involved. While we may be magicians at fixing problems, we won't be pulling any disappearing acts. Expect personal service and language that make IT easy to understand.

    Phil HodgesLuke KnightRoy White
  • Markedly Improved Productivity
    YBM contracted Colton Computer Technologies to undertake a full review of our IT Systems in late 2015 and with their knowledge, advice and experience we have rebuilt our system with new servers, internet links and telecommunications. Our new systems are reliable and dependable and our computer down time is now minimal. Colton have skilled and specialised staff who are easy to work with and get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Our productivity has improved markedly since contracting Colton. YBM have found Colton Computer Technologies to be reliable and dependable with highly skilled and specialised staff who are easy to work with and get the task completed with a minimum of disruption.
    Phil Hodges
    YBM – Yates Baker McLean Accountants & Business Advisors
  • Providing a Streamlined Process for Our Clients
    Being able to access plans and files on worksites as well as in the office is critical within L-Con Building and Construction. Mitch and his team have developed a system which allows access to the system within the office, but also remotely from all our sites. This enables our team to have the most up-to-date and accurate information available to them at all times, allowing us to provide a more streamlined process for our clients. Our systems are now able to operate without hassles and are easy to utilise by all staff members. No matter your situation, Mitch and his team will be able to assist in the development, or maintenance, of any system to better the effectiveness of your business. We would recommend Colton Computers to any individual or business looking for IT assistance.
    Luke Knight
    LCON Building & Construction
  • A Positive and Reliable Business Partner
    Colton are always ready to assist regardless of the enquiry. We have found them both responsive and responsible, happily assisting us with advice and balanced opinions, guarding against unwise or incompatible IT solutions or adjustments. Rapid assistance when required is essential for our business needs and Colton have proven their ability numerous times. I'd happily recommend them as a positive and reliable business partner.
    Roy White


The team at Colton Computer Technologies

They say the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. We disagree. We love stupid questions as well as the smart ones, and offer helpful solutions without using IT talk. That's right, we're committed to making sure your stupid question doesn't get a stupid answer, but a useful one. Start typing - we're ready to take on your challenge, whether it's big or small.